Welcome To Spring – April Fool’s!

And a Happy April 1st to Everyone!

It appears we are “Overdrawn at the Snowbank!

I look out my window and it seems that this is the biggest April fool’s joke of all time!

Spring has sprung,
The snow is deep,
I might as well go back to sleep!
And wake up on another day,
And hope the snow will go away.”

Our Lane - Spring 2015

Our Lane – Spring 2015

Massive snowbanks surround us and regardless of warming trend, it is going to take a while for snow to go away and allow us to resume spring work.

The fields are buried; the yard is buried and so on. We can’t even get into our warehouse because there is a 7 ft. block of ice blocking the door.

But…this too shall pass.

Office Door - 7 ft. Bank!

Office Door – 7 ft. Bank!

I write to tell you that we do plan to be digging lots of trees this spring but my guess is, our window to dig will be small, once the snow goes and the air temperature warms the trees are going to want to pop back to life.

We expect there will be a massive amount to tree damage this year from snow banks and plows. And just the sheer weight of snow as it melts, will, be bringing down limbs.

Somewhere Behind this Bank is Springvale Nurseries

Somewhere Behind this Bank is Springvale Nurseries

If you are a contractor installing trees we will have some opportunities for you to offer replacement trees where trees have been lost or damaged.

But…you ill need to act fast because we may only have a 2 week dig period!

We will only be digging for orders so if you have tree needs please let us know and fast!

All for now…HAPPY SPRING! (Yeah sure!) 

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