This is the part of the website where you can find out about us! Springvale’s evolution is a great story and we like to tell it! We have had successes and setbacks, our family has grown alongside the business and become part of it, the roots of each intertwined with time and season.

The Origins of Springvale
Springvale Farm, north of Berwick in the Annapolis Valley, is the place where I grew up. My family and I operated a very successful dairy and U-pick orchard business. Several generations of our family have lived and worked on Springvale Farm. The name comes from the mountain spring that is our water source. Tree trunks were hollowed out by hand to form the first pipeline that channeled fresh water down to our farm!

July 31st, 1985. Springvale Farm had the top producing dairy herd in the region. As we were putting in the last load of alfalfa hay a mechanical malfunction started a fire that destroyed our equipment, many of our animals, and the barn, which had stood for over 100 years.

It is said, “when God closes a door He opens a window”! We really believe it! Out of these ashes, a wonderful new life, Springvale Nurseries was born.

A New Beginning
New Years Eve, 1985. At a party with a landscape contractor friend, over drinks and discussion, we came up with the idea to grow mature caliper trees for landscape projects. There were few sources for this material in the region and my friend needed quality!

Fortunately, I had a lifetime of experience in growing fruit trees. I learned from my Dad growing up and studied at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and at MacDonald College in Montreal. We still had to learn from scratch, as ornamental trees have different needs, but I believe that is one of the secrets of our success! This business didn’t come with an operator’s manual! We had to create our own, and it is unique, just like us.

Springvale Nurseries Wholesale
Our wholesale nursery began by planting ornamental trees into our pastures and shrubs in two small greenhouses erected in the space where the barn used to be. Over the past twenty years from the day we planted our first tree, our business has continued to grow and ‘Branch Out”, so to speak! Today, Springvale Nurseries consists of four farm properties in the communities of Welsford and Grafton, north of Berwick Kings Co, Nova Scotia. There are over 5 acres of container yard, and 75 acres of field production. We supply professional garden centers, landscapers, towns, golf courses and more, throughout the Atlantic Provinces. You will find Springvale plants being installed by the top landscape firms in the region. My daughters Cathy Oulton and Sally O’Neill have helped build the wholesale business and are partners in the development of our new retail division.

Springvale Nurseries Garden Centers
Your Home…Outdoors! Now you can find fresh, Springvale plants direct from our Farm. Springvale offers three of its own retail outlets in Nova Scotia, (see home page) in Berwick, Truro and Hammonds Plains in HRM. We are also pleased to offer our affordable, “We Plan, You Plant” design service to help you create the backyard of your dreams, at your own pace and on your own budget. No more planting anxiety!
(Professional supply available at each store for local landscapers and contractors.)

The Local Advantage
Many plants in stores today come from different climates in regions outside our own. We are pleased to tell you that over 90% of the plants offered by Springvale are still grown right here on our farms in Berwick! That’s important to you because……

Our plants are used to the weather here!

They have already survived one or more of our winters and most of them started right here from seeds or rooted cuttings. And that makes a huge difference! If you hope for a plant to survive here, it is important that it began its life in our climate and conditions.

You work hard for your money! Why take a chance on a plant that might not be hardy? If you stick to products produced in your region you are doing two important things:

  1. You are dramatically improving your odds of successful gardening.
  2. You are helping to build the economy of the region by purchasing goods produced and sold by local people. And….that’s a very good thing!

We are intensely proud of the business we have built, our people, and the products and services we supply to the region. We are also, equally proud to be one of the many small family owned companies that helps to keep the economy of the region strong and, well…growing! During an average season, Springvale Nurseries employs over seventy people and that is good for our economy.

Look for our Springvale blue tree logo on the tag. This is your insurance of success!

So now that you know us, we’d like to get to know you! Sign up for our new email newsletter. (live link) Come visit our store and tell us about your home and gardens. Making them beautiful has never been easier, or more fun!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Paul H. Grimm,