Welcome to Springvale Nurseries

Welcome to Springvale Nurseries!

As announced on our website and Paul’s BigTree Blog, we are looking for an investor/buyer for some components of Springvale Nurseries. My wife and I are looking to at least partially retire over the next couple years and yet have an outstanding business opportunity waiting for development.

This will require a substantial cash investment from someone with the resources, energy and ambition to work toward the commercialization of a plan we began many years ago. We no longer have the physical energy to pursue this opportunity, however we do believe that it has outstanding potential.

We are willing to work with new owners on developing this business but with a planned and timed exit strategy. This would provide new owners/investors with the benefit of a download of our experience and knowledge but with the understanding that this would be YOUR plan and future business, not ours and hence you would very quickly take command. I would serve as a resource in a mentorship role.

To be very clear at this point; I have no interest in a new “JOB”.
Our intentions are to do our own thing for the next few years until ready for full retirement or unable to continue.

“Our Own Thing” includes the following parts of the business:

  • Own and operate Springvale Large Tree business (Our field operation).
  • Develop our research program involved in native plants for site restoration.
  • Other Tissue culture propagation R&D activities.

We are looking for the right person/people for this venture. You must have the resources, the desire and preferably some experience in the nursery or greenhouse industry. The first step will be to contact me directly at paulg@springvalenurseries.com. Please indicate who you are, where you live and your level of interest. From there we can arrange a tour and meeting to discuss further. We require a non-disclosure agreement to be signed at the outset and a proof of financial capacity.

We do not intend to waste our time with tire kickers.

This opportunity has international marketing and distribution potential and multi-million dollar revenue potential. The idea is “eagerly awaiting” for YOU, the right person or business for this opportunity!

Paul H Grimm,
President, Springvale Nurseries,
Aug 27th, 2012.