The Winter!

Lovely Birch in WinterAs we are all aware, winter is here and all the little trees and plants have gone to sleep.
It is a great time to be thinking about spring and the trees you will need.

We have a rather serious inventory of very large trees….(Our Springvale BFT’s) and these are large for instant impact, beautiful and affordable.

In fact, when spring arrives to celebrate our 25th Anniversary at Springvale we will have some outstanding sales and special offers to thank you for helping us achieve 25 years in business.

The very best thing you can do is to plan a tour of the fields in early April and I will personally escort you and help you pick out the trees you want.
And, our fantastic staff will be there to help you as well.

Enjoy the winter but lets get ready to hit the ground running in the spring!
Paul H Grimm.

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“Imagine Beautiful Large, Nearly Mature Trees on Your Property!”

The Best Time to Plant a Tree Was 20 Years Ago, The Second Best time is today!”

Why wait, you can have them now!

At Springvale Nurseries we produce thousands of Large Trees, We call them our BFT’s (Big Freakin’ Trees). They are produced here on our farms in the Annapolis Valley and have proven hardiness because they have already survived many years in our climate.

Why risk buying trees from outside the region which may or may not survive? If we plant them we guarantee them for one full growing season*.

We know that Springvale trees will perform well if they are planted correctly in good growing conditions and properly maintained. In a few years you will have the large wonderful shade trees you desire. And…they make an instant impact when planted.

The best way to find out what we grow and how we can help you is to come here for a tour of our nursery yard and our fields. If you want more proof, come see the trees I have grown in my own private gardens!

We offer planting service within a reasonable distance from our nursery and if you are further away, we have a number of affiliates who will also plant for you according to our proven specs. Or you can choose your own landscape installer.

What is stopping you? Give us a call today and book a visit to our fields. I will personally escort you around and answer your questions. I have been growing Springvale trees for 25 years and am happy to share my experience with you. My team and I will provide you with the best possible advice and guidance.

We have tree choices for almost any budget and if you want, can supply you with 30 ft trees up to 10 in diameter. Or you can choose smaller ones, depending on the impact you wish to achieve and your budget.

Pick up the phone and dial 1-800-313-7444 and make an appointment now!

Paul H Grimm,

PS: By the way, we also have a lovely full garden center, probably the largest in the Atlantic Region stocked full of wonderful Springvale Grown trees, shrubs, vines, broadleaf evergreens, ‘Sky’s Creations”, large perennials, and also a few beautiful imported items. And a friendly staff who know what they are talking about!

* – Subject to Standard Springvale Warrantee

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